Saturday, 3 August 2013

Minion Crafts

I recently went to see Despicable Me 2 and I have to say there is nothing at all despicable about it.  I was particularly fond of the minions, who have to be the cutest animated creatures since the aliens inside the claw machine in Toy Story.

It can't be too hard to make one of them I thought.  Others have obviously thought the same thing.

Here's some of the best minion crafts I've found.

Mollymoo makes these amazing looking minions out of toilet roll tubes.  I love the hair and the googly eyes.

Make minions out of fondant icing at The Party Animal Blog.  How awesome would a group of these on top of a birthday cake look?

This cut out and stick Minion Tim is by Ikariyamanga at Deviant Art.  It would be a great thing to do with kids.

These Minion hats from Make and Takes, part of a hallow-e'en costume are amazing.  I want one!!!

These customised shoes are from Will Craft for Cash.  I particularly like the minion's little smile.  It
looks so happy!

The Gingerbread House shows us how to make minions from the inside of kinder eggs.  This is a great craft as I always feel bad throwing them in the bin but can never think what to do with them.

Plucky Momo show how to make minion bowling pins and a few other minion themed crafts for a Despicable Me party.

Let me know if you have done any Minion crafts.  I think I'd like to try making a soft toy minion.  Any tutorials for that out there?

Thanks Lucy, for suggesting Wolf Dreamer-oth's crochet minion as a soft toy suggestion.

I'm really not too hot at crochet.  I can manage a flower but as soon as I try to do anything more complicated, (even a granny square folks) I lose track of my counting and end up with some kind of squashed rhombus.  This is however all circular so I might give it a try.  I think corners are my downfall.


  1. must go and see that film....I particularly like the plimsolls they look great, ali

  2. I'm pretty sure I have seen some crochet minion tutorials out there, probably one over at Wolfdreamer OTH xx

  3. Thanks Lucy. I added Wolfdreamer's pattern. It's a great website.



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