Friday, 8 November 2013

Quilt Project Round Up

About a month ago I finished the quilt!!  Woohoo.  We are trying to get it displayed in the local area at the moment.  Fingers crossed folks.

This also ticks off one of my 101 in 1001 challenge tasks - Make a quilt.  Does this count?  I'm sure it must.

 Being in a library, books were the obvious subject choice.

Both singular


and an entire bookshelf.

This is representative of the built up area.  The library is on a main road  so there were lots of buildings outside the window.  This square is a bit more colourful than them though.

A square of liquorice All Sorts fabric inspired a representation of the Waltham Forest council chamber.  I have't been there myself but I've been told it's quite representative, lol.

Lea Bridge Road, where the library is situated goes through Hackney Marshes and there is currently plans to build a camp site on a section of the marshes.  This was not a popular proposal with the group and this beautiful appliqué is both a homage to the marshes and a protest against the campsite.

Sorry, the little protest banner on the bottom of the square has fallen off, I'll sort it out and replace the picture when I have a chance.

The gentleman who made this square is originally from Pakistan, having lead a very interesting life as a diplomat in various countries across the world.  His family settled in East London, as his children had started school whilst he was working here.  He wanted to make something to show that he felt equally Pakistani and British and was proud of both his nations.

If you have not spent much (or any) time in London, you would be forgiven for thinking it a very urban city.  In fact it is but there are so many parks, public gardens and trees on the side of the street that it is also a very green and alive city.

These two very different park scapes, show how important these spaces are to the people who live here.

Finally, another nature related square.  Lea Bridge Road is in fact the road that leads to a bridge over the river Lea.  It's a lesser known river that has been mostly turned into a canal and runs down the east of the city to Regents Canal.

This is the river that I live on and these geese and swans are representing all the geese and swans that live on the river and wake me up in the summer, when I leave my window open, with their squawking.

It's very loud and there are many of them.

I think that covers the story behind all my squares, the ones not in this post can be found here.

I've loved doing this project and hope to get another underway soon.  Do you know a group that's interested in something like this?  Or any completed community quilts out there?  I'd love to see what others have done.

Sharing with some of these lovely people.
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  1. I love the stories behind each square, I think it's a huge task to complete a quilt so well done on all your hard work.

    Jan x

  2. What a lovely community quilt and a great idea too.

  3. What a wonderful quilt!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  4. I love seeing unique quilts that tell us something, they always seem so much meaningful than those taken from a book! Thanks so much for sharing.


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